среда, 8 августа 2007 г.


yesterday's beat*
tuesday's tracks feature bearsuit. what would seem to be just another in long line of bands and blogs using the bear as their symbol, but distinguishing themselves with their female vocals. really catchy pop-punk music that somehow stays together. now tmwsiy* is all okay with this as all of the bands seem to be making good music and really good blogs. bearsuit has already been posted by songs: illinois and south of mainstream, but sometimes you have to spread the wealth. this post can not go without giving a large thank you to mallie for creating the new banner for tmwsiy*. it is so fresh. find below tracks from bearsuit, bear vs. shark, and two new tracks from minus the bear.

bearsuit/cat spectacular/on your special day[mp3]
bearsuit/cat spectacular/itsuko got married[mp3]
bearsuit/cat spectacular/rodent disco[mp3]

bear vs. shark/terrorhawk/5,6 kids[mp3]
bear vs. shark/you're in the best of hands/ma jolie[mp3]
bear vs. shark/you're in the best of hands/buses/no buses[mp3]

minus the bear/menos el oso/the game needed me[mp3]
minus the bear/menos el oso/drilling[mp3]

posted by peter at 08:39

Kevin said...
Do I spot an "Anchorman" reference in the title there?

16 August, 2005 12:28
peter said...
I will tell tales of your compassion. but not in fantasy football.

16 August, 2005 12:31
Kevin said...
The best is when Ron Burgundy leaps into the bear lair: "I immediately regret this decision."

16 August, 2005 14:12
Kevin said...
By the way, the new banner is fresh. Props to Mallie ... and let's not forget the Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew, the original bear band.

yesterday's beat*
tmwsiy* is spent. it is time to take a seat and relax. it is time to rest that weary head. it is time to go back to yesterday today. tmwsiy* looks to massive attack to help make this a reality. now seven years on, mezzanine remains an album by which all others are measured. a brilliant and epic work of electronica and trip-hop. listen to some choice cuts off of it this day and slip into an alternate reality. slide away.